Third Graders study soil

Third Graders Study Soil
Posted on 01/14/2022
SoilThird grade students at Phenix Elementary School have been busy studying about the importance of soil. They know that many of the things we depend on every day from food to medicine to clothes to shelter to oxygen and many, many other things come from plants. Soil is necessary for the growth of plants. Students have brought in soil and analyzed it. The layers of soil were modeled with graham crackers, Oreo cookies, and chocolate pudding and then eaten. Patricia Mays, and Sara DeJarnette from Southside Soil and Water Conservation District visited our classes and discussed with students the importance of soil and taking care of it. Students learned that topsoil is only about 3 inches deep and that the subsoil in our area is mostly clay. The bedrock in this area of the state is granite. Mrs. Mays and Mrs. DeJarnette had students perform a field test to feel and describe the different textures of sand, silt, and clay. Students even modeled the different types of soil: sand, silt, and clay. They learned why loam (a mixture of the three) is the best type of soil for many crops. Who knew playing with and learning about dirt could be so much fun!