Third Grade @ Holiday Lake 4-H Center

Third Graders Enjoy Floppy the Bunny at Holiday Lake 4-H Center
Posted on 09/24/2019
Third Graders learning at Holiday LakeThe third grade classes visited Holiday Lake 4-H Center near Appomattox. Students spent time in both indoor and outdoor classrooms learning about wildlife ecology, aquatic ecology, and mammology. Students learned about the importance of all parts of a food chain and how plants and animals are interdependent. While playing a predator/prey game, students became aware that resources are limited and that survival for animals is not always easy. While exploring a creek habitat, students found frogs, crawdads, minnows, a red striped salamander, and water skimmers. In mammology, animal hides were shared and students got the chance to identify each one. Floppy, the pet rabbit, made a special appearance to the group. Students had a lot of fun and learned much valuable information on this educational field trip!